VASO6/Focus XT

Stack Consists of:

  • 1 Bottle of Focus XT
  • 1 Bottle of VASO6
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  • The Ultimate Get Your Mind Focused on Your Workouts Stack!*
  • Improved Mental Focus, Clarity, Concentration, & Alertness*
  • Improved Mental Performance, Memory, & Cognitive Function*
  • Supports Pumps & Vascularity*
  • Supports Fat Burning*
  • Maximized Energy Levels*
  • Improved Stress Levels*
  • Improved Sense of Well-Being*
  • Improves Endurance & Exercise Performance*

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The Perfect Stack for People that Need to Get Their Mind Off the Stresses & Distractions of Day to Day Life to Be Able to Focus on their Workouts!*

+ VASO6 – Advanced Nitric Oxide Support!*


Focus XT: 

Mental Clarity, Focus, Concentration, Improved Performance, & Energy!

Sugar Free & Great Tasting!

Focus XT is a state of the art formula that combines precise ratios of active ingredients in order to deliver optimal results. It is a truly unique product that delivers a wide variety of benefits in terms of mental clarity, focus, concentration, improved performance, and cognitive function.

Focus XT can be used by individuals for a variety of purposes. Examples of this include: individuals trying to improve their workout and athletic performance; students wanting to enhance their focus, concentration, and productivity while at school or studying; individuals whose jobs require optimal mental performance; people who lose focus easily and/or are easily distracted; people that work long shifts and need to stay focused and alert (examples: fire fighters, EMT’s, nurses, and others); Gamers/eSports enthusiasts looking to improve their focus, concentration, reaction time, and alertness; and by others who feel that they may benefit from the variety of benefits that Focus XT is used for.

Focus XT Summary of Benefits:

  • Maximized Energy Levels*
  • Improved Focus, Mental Clarity, Concentration, and Alertness*
  • Improved Mental Performance, Memory, and Cognitive Function*
  • Improved Stress Levels*
  • Improved Athletic Endurance, Drive, and Motivation*
  • Improved Ability to Train More Intensely for Longer Durations of Time*
  • Improved Sense of Well-Being*
  • Pre-Workout and Pre-Athletic Energy and Focus*
  • Improved Mind-Muscle Connection*
  • Combating Overtraining Syndrome*
  • Increased Fat Burning During Exercise*

Who can benefit from Focus XT:

Focus XT can be beneficial for anyone that needs to improve optimal mental performance as part of their job, sport, training, hobby, schooling, or in their everyday life. Positive feedback has been reported from athletes, fitness enthusiasts, students, gamers, teachers, nurses, pilots, golfers, and more.

A note about Focus XT’s formulation:

Each ingredient is used at a specific dosage for a specific reason. This is not a ‘Little bit of everything, not enough of anything’ type product. Although Focus XT contains a wide variety of benefits and uses, it was formulated with one goal in mind – to deliver real results.

Another Important Note:

Focus XT users generally do not report any of the nervousness, jitters, or ‘crash’ feelings that are commonly associated with many other energy products on the market. The energy from Focus XT is normally described as a very ‘Clean & Smooth’ feeling.

Something to Think About:

You feel tired and unmotivated, your thought process is not clear. Any activity that requires concentration and focus is the last thing you want to do whether it is a workout, your job, class, or a big test. You know the feeling. It can be a vicious cycle. It’s not an answer, it’s not a cure all, but help has arrived, and help has a name, Focus XT.

VASO6™ – A Green Tea Oligomer for Sports Nutrition

Introducing SNS VASO6™, the first single ingredient VASO6™ product on the market.

VASO6™ is a licensed branded ingredient that has taken the supplement industry by storm and has become so popular that some of the biggest supplement companies in the world are using it and even building entire products around it. User feedback includes dramatically improved pumps with some people reporting feeling more pumped on their non-training days than they previously did even after their workouts.

Supplementing with VASO6™ may lead to:

  • Dramatic Pumps & Vascularity*
  • An Increase in Endurance*
  • An Increase in Nitric Oxide*
  • An Increase in Exercise Performance*
What is VASO6™? 

VASO6™ is identified by the patent holder/licensing company as a patented green tea oligomer for sports nutrition.

Green Tea is an amazing plant that contains a wide variety of constituents including some of the hottest sports nutrition and weight loss ingredients on that market. Examples include Epicatechin, EGCG, VASO6, and more. Even though these exciting ingredients are constituents of Green Tea, they are all specific components/extracts that would be difficult to, if not impossible, to consume large enough quantities of through regular Green Tea to elicit results. Hence, specialized extracts such as VASO6™.

First, Why Buy VASO6™ Solo?

SNS VASO6™ capsules can be taken along with your favorite pre-workout if it doesn’t contain VASO6™ or even if it does, SNS VASO6™ can be taken on your non-workout days to help support improved pumps, vascularity, all day muscle fullness, and more.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

VASO6/Focus XT

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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