Phosphatidic Acid XT – Exciting New Product for Lean Muscle & Strength

November 25, 2022Published by

Natural Anabolic Muscle Builder

Ultra-Potent mTOR Activator

1,500 Mg. Mediator® Per Serving

Look Better. Feel Better. Perform Better.

1,500 Mg. Mediator®

50 Mg. Apigenin (as ApiPure™)

50 Mg. Senactiv®

50 Mg. AstraGin®

5 Mg. Bioperine®

Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid (PA) has been shown to increase lean muscle, strength, and improve fat loss in weight training individuals with adequate protein intake.

Phosphatidic Acid XT contains a mega dosed 1,500 mg. of Mediator® providing 750 mg. of actual Phosphatidic Acid per serving + other potent muscle building & absorption enhancing ingredients.

Phosphatidic Acid XT Highlights/Supports:

  • Lean Muscle Gains
  • Increases in Strength
  • Fat Loss
  • Improved Endurance
  • Enhanced Workout Recovery
  • Improved Workout Performance
  • Increased Protein Synthesis
  • mTOR Activation/Stimulates mTOR
  • Natural Anabolic Muscle Builder
  • Anabolic & Anti-Catabolic Properties
  • Can Be Used by Men & Women
  • Clinically Researched Key Ingredients

Ask Yourself a Few Questions:

  • Do you want to build muscle?
  • Do you want to increase strength?
  • Do you want to double your lean muscle gains?
  • Do you want to lose fat and improve body-composition?
  • Would you like to enhance mTOR and improve protein synthesis?
  • Are you tired of deceptive labeling where companies try to fool you into thinking that you’re getting more Phosphatidic Acid than you are with tricky labeling tactics?

^^^ If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Phosphatidic Acid XT may be right for you.


To read more about Phosphatidic Acid XT and learn more about its exciting ingredients:

Phosphatidic Acid XT