Recomp20 – Advanced Recomposition Agent – Revolutionary Leaning & Hardening Cocktail

September 17, 2022Published by

Advanced Fat Burning & Recomposition Agent

Revolutionary Leaning & Hardening Cocktail

2,800 mg. Symplocos Racemosa Extract (SR10X™)

200 mg. Cocoabuterol®

10 mg. Bioperine®

Bigger, Stronger, & Leaner……

Recomp20 is a revolutionary leaning & hardening cocktail and advanced recomposition agent that can be used to promote lean muscle and strength gains, burn fat, and improve enhanced body-composition.

Recomp20 Highlights/Supports:

  • Lean Muscle & Strength Gains
  • Fat Loss & Improved Body-Composition
  • Enhanced Muscle Fullness & Vascularity
  • Improved Muscular Endurance & Power Output
  • Positive Mood & Improved Sense of Well-Being
  • Increased Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Anabolic & Anti-Catabolic Properties
  • Full 30-Day Supply

The Recomp20 Difference – Look Better, Feel Better, Perform Better

Multi-Phase Muscle Building & Fat Burning Catalyst